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How do I install Solar Road Stud Lights?

When installing Solar Road Stud Lights, pay attention to surrounding overhead wires, trees, billboards, scaffolding, buildings, etc., and take safety measures. Before installing Solar Road Stud Lights, check whether the fasteners in each part are firm, whether the Road Studs are installed correctly, and whether the light source is working properly.

Then debug whether the system is working properly; cover the solar panel above the Road Studs, the light source should work; expose it to the sun, the light should go out. At the same time, carefully observe the changes of the indicators on the Road Studs, and install it only when everything is normal. Pay attention to safety precautions, and the screws must be absolutely tightened. If the sun-facing angle of the component is deviated, it needs to be adjusted to the sun-facing direction so that it faces the light source completely.

With the rapid development of road construction, especially highway construction in recent years, people’s awareness of road safety has become stronger and more humane. Cats Eyes Road Studs are widely used on domestic high-grade highways and municipal roads as a kind of traffic safety symbol. Compared with ordinary Road Studs, Cats Eyes Road Studs have better visual effects. Cats Eyes Road Studs are made of die-cast aluminum as the shell, and solar cells are used as charging components, generally nickel-metal hydride batteries (on some high-end products, also Other batteries, such as lithium iron phosphate batteries, are used as energy storage components, and new Road Studs products that use LED light or combine passive light are mostly used on highways. (According to the requirements of the Ministry of Transportation: the pressure resistance of Cats Eyes Road Studs should be greater than 100KN).

  1. It is very important to place and install safety isolation facilities, and during the entire dynamic construction process, whether it is a new road or an open road, everyone should be in the safety facilities, such as construction on the open road. , the ratio of safety personnel to installation personnel should be 1:1. The ratio of safety personnel to installation personnel should be 1:3 for the construction of road sections that are not open to traffic.
  2. Determine the installation position of the road stud lights, and ensure that the installation position is flat. For the pavement with expansion and contraction, cracks and unevenness, the pavement should be leveled in advance.
  3. Use a brush to clean the installation location of road stud lights, and make sure the installation location is dry.
  4. Take an appropriate amount of glue and spread it evenly on the road stud lights.