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PC LED Solar Road Markers for Decoration

For year-round reliable lighting, these ultra-brightness LED Solar Road Markers look great. Using a single monocrystalline silicon solar panel to harness the sun’s energy, the device provides reliable ultra-bright lighting under any conditions. Each ultra-high-brightness solar LED (light-emitting diode) is installed at an ideal lighting angle to be clearly visible in the dark, providing excellent led road signs in severe weather conditions such as heavy rain or foggy weather.


LED Solar Studs on bridge
LED Solar Road Markers on the bridge


Today I would like to introduce you is the ultra-thin LED solar road markers from RUICHEN, this led solar stud thickness is only 11mm, oversized solar panel design, so that its charging efficiency is more efficient, transparent shell when the LED light is on to show the extraordinarily beautiful. For night or foggy days, the electronic devices in the LED solar road markers monitor the ambient light level and activate the LED when the ambient light drops below the factory-preset level.

These LED solar road markers have been widely used in the European Union, the United States, and other countries. For bike paths, parks, gardens, narrow bridges, piers, etc. bring good lighting effects.


PC LED Solar Studs white
PC LED solar road markers white color


RUICHEN PC LED solar road markers can be installed anywhere traditional lighting is unavailable or too expensive, making it an ideal LED marine beacon or road sign. In addition, ultra-thin structures, eye-catching designs, and ultra-bright LED solar road markers in red, blue, or amber make it a versatile solution for all public places, parks, and road lighting needs. With international protection ratings (IP) and IP-68, these LED solar road markers lighting exceeds the standard lighting requirements for road marking, nautical beacons, and road lighting.