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Cats Eyes Road Studs related maintenance management system

Responsibilities of Cats Eyes Road Studs Maintenance Team

1. The maintenance team leader of Cats Eyes Road Studs is responsible for the personal, traffic, and construction safety of the personnel in the team, and controls the technical quality, and leads the entire team to achieve civilized and safe construction.

2. The team members and drivers obey the leadership of the team leader, cooperate with each other, complete maintenance tasks on time and quality, complete the indicators of light-on rate, facility integrity rate, and timely repair rate assessed by superiors, and complete other tasks temporarily assigned.

  1. The team leader should lead by example, insist on high-quality services, and lead the entire team to strictly implement various systems and technical indicators.

4. The whole team is familiar with the facilities of Cats Eyes Road Studs in the maintenance area of this group, and completes daily inspection and maintenance tasks according to the divided maintenance plan.

  1. The team leader is responsible for arranging daily maintenance records, setting up safety signs when repairing Cats Eyes Road Studs, wearing a safety helmet, paying attention to the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, and taking effective precautions. When carrying out high-altitude and live work, closely observe the work surroundings To ensure safety.

6. Cats Eyes Road Studs maintenance work finds out the problem in time, deals with the problem, and reports the situation to the maintenance team leader and the leader.

7. Do everything possible to save energy and materials, take good care of public properties, do a good job in repairing and using materials, so that the three-phase load is close to balance, and the operation of street lighting facilities must not be stopped without any reason. Article 8 Types and cycles of inspection and maintenance lights.

The inspection and repair work of Cats Eyes Road Studs is divided into:

1. Regular inspection and maintenance of Cats Eyes Road Studs;

2. Special inspection and repair of Cats Eyes Road Studs.

Regular inspections and repairs are determined based on the experience and actuality of repairing Cats Eyes Road Studs, the area of responsibility of each repair group, combined with various factors such as the amount of facilities, the type of light source, and the type of light. The inspection and repair cycle is specified as follows:

1. the main road Cats Eyes Road Studs four times a week;

2. Cats Eyes Road Studs on small streets and alleys four times a week;

  1. High pole lights above 20 meters four times a week;
  2. The road section monitored by the monitoring room shall be inspected 24 hours a day.

Special inspection and maintenance refer to one of the following situations:

1. fixed major festivals and important political events;

2. Abnormal natural conditions (such as floods, typhoons, heavy rains, strong earthquakes, etc.);

3. In case of man-made damage (such as theft, traffic accident, etc.).

Inspection and maintenance time:

  1. Regular inspection and maintenance of Cats Eyes Road Studs starts every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday every night. Due to the large difference in the time of day and night, the specific turn-off time will be changed by the maintenance team leader according to the season. Depends.

2. The time for special inspection and maintenance of Cats Eyes Road Studs is determined according to the needs of the work at the time.

3. Lighting rate: The average lighting rate of Cats Eyes Road Studs is not less than 97%, and the main roads of major festivals and political events are not less than 98%.

4. Facilities intact rate: 85%.

5. Timely repair rate: 90%.

Cats Eyes Road Studs four-piece (bulb, ballast, trigger, capacitor) failure repaired within 1 working day; conventional line roadblocks repaired within 2 working days; Cats Eyes Road Studs facilities were stolen or damaged by natural disasters, according to the actual situation Repair as soon as possible; for major festivals and political events, organize repairs immediately; for Cats Eyes Road Studs facilities that endanger personal and traffic safety, they will be organized and dealt with immediately and repaired as soon as possible.