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Have you ever seen a Smart Crosswalks that shines?

Have you ever seen a zebra crossing that shines? Recently, when passing by the Xiyuan Village in the High-tech Zone, some citizens discovered that there are several zebra crossings that will glow as soon as dark. People walking on the glittering Smart Crosswalks are like walking on the “Avenue of Stars.”

These luminous Smart Crosswalks are located at the intersection of Jinshan Road and Strip Steel Road in the High-tech Zone. They are composed of eight luminous strips, which are set on both sides of the four crosswalks near the intersection.

“The first time I saw this kind of Smart Crosswalks, I felt very novel, very cool!”

“It is very eye-catching at night, which can attract the attention of drivers and ensure the safety of pedestrians.”

“Cars and pedestrians slow down when they come here. Everyone pays attention to traffic safety. The installation of this light is convenient for the people, and the effect is very good.”

Many citizens said that such luminous zebra crossings are quite useful and can play a very good warning role and provide them with more security in their lives.

There are not only several communities around the intersection, but also kindergartens. There is a large flow of people and vehicles, and the traffic situation is more complicated. In addition, there are no traffic lights at the intersection and insufficient lighting at night, which can easily lead to traffic accidents. To this end, the traffic police department of the High-tech Zone specially installed a batch of luminous solar road studs at this intersection for pilot projects, and added a safety gate for people to cross the street.

The city’s first “luminous zebra crossing”

When the built-in sensor of RUICHEN solar road studs senses that the light intensity is reduced to a certain level, the road studs will automatically turn on the “working mode” and emit red and blue flashes to improve the visibility of the zebra crossing at night, and the battery life can reach about 7 days. It has good resistance to high and low temperature and UV resistance. Moreover, the unique base structure design enables its maximum pressure-bearing weight to reach 40 tons. At the same time, the lampshade is also waterproof and has a high safety factor. Even if it is immersed in water, it will not affect the normal work.

In the next step, the municipal traffic police department will plan to set up “light-emitting zebra crossings” at intersections with heavy traffic congestion, pedestrian and vehicle flow based on the pilot situation and actual use results, effectively reminding pedestrians to cross the street and look around on both sides, and cars to slow down and give way to reduce accidents. , So that pedestrians can cross the road a little more safety, but also add a touch of beautiful color to the road.